Guide | Architecture for Change

Created for school teachers and creative educators, this guide introduces the Grimshaw Foundation and the projects in our ‘Architecture for Change: Building Sustainably’ program. The freely available classroom resources for 12-15-year-olds link to the school curriculum and explore ways of modelling, making and learning.


Projects can be found in the pink boxes below:

Introduction Lesson and Projects: Sustainable Materials, Adaptable Architecture, Geodesic Dome Structures, Hex Component Structures, and Environmental Design


What is architecture? What does the climate crisis mean to you? How can we make a change?

To be shown in class, this introductory session is for students to better understand how to approach these questions. The presentation explores ideas around climate change, sustainable architecture and how Grimshaw and Grimshaw Foundation respond to contemporary challenges.

Project 1 | Sustainable Materials

Through exploring Sarah Wigglesworth Architects’ ‘Straw Bale House’, students develop an understanding of how and why buildings can be constructed with sustainable materials and practice their model making skills to recreate elements of the building’s innovative design.

Project 2 | Adaptable Architecture

What are the environmental benefits of adapting and reusing existing buildings? Via London’s Here East and Grimshaw’s Plexal Innovation Centre, students explore key architectural ideas of scale, structure and responding to a design brief

Project 3 | Geodesic Dome Structures

Beginning with a short film exploring Grimshaw’s iconic Eden, students are given an overview of the history and structure of geodesic domes and a chance to experiment with 2D shapes to create 3D structures

Project 4 | Hex Component Structures

Revisiting Grimshaw’s Eden Project, this project details component structures and why they are sustainable. Student’s model a complex curved free-standing structure with an additional activity to plant and grow cress in the roof!

Project 5 | Environmental Design

The final project in our ‘Architecture for Change’ series aims to show how nature can influence sustainable design, drawing inspiration from Grimshaw’s Terra Sustainability Pavilion in Dubai. Students create simple models to experiment with light, sun paths and shadow

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Grimshaw have a swathe of videos on projects, people and sustainability!

–› National Saturday Club

The National Saturday Club gives 13–16-year-olds across the country the opportunity to study subjects they love at their local university, college or cultural institution, for free.

–› The Line Learning

Learning Resources inspired by artworks on The Line, London's public art walk. They can be used in conjunction with a visit to The Line or via the website.